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[personal profile] luckycountry

Australia Австралія

An attractive boy, she's already had a friendly relationship with him since he had become the new home for many of her people. Aside from that, she really doesn't know much about him other than his strange slang and obsession with terrifying animals.
A truth thread also showed that he wants to have sex with her, but he wants to have sex with everyone.

[personal profile] whorestria

Austria Австрія

While their relationship has improved since being scooped up by the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, her and Austria are still on rather formal terms.

They do have a few things in common, namely gardening and baking, but his rather extravagant demeanor keeps her, for right now, from developing anything more than an acquaintanceship.

[personal profile] bielarus 

Belarus Білорусь

Her precious baby sister, her and Belarus have an average sisterly relationship. Except add to it that they are both nations who share similar bloody, tragic histories.

She tries hard to keep her sister protected from the perils of the outside world to the point where she might demean or belittle her, but their disagreements end quickly as one yearns for the other's companionship. And embarrassment.

[personal profile] enjoyehble 

Canada Канада

While they've really have yet to spend extended amounts of time with one another face to face, Canada has always been one of her closest friends. Affectionate, caring, and humble, she really enjoys pampering and spoiling him.

And thinking of him in his RCMP uniform.

[personal profile] kingkongeriget 

Denmark Данія

A guy with an infectious smile, Denmark had been helping her for the past few years with loans and starting up business within her home. She tries hard to be really nice to him and return the favor, mostly with bread and general spending time with him.

[personal profile] unionjackingit 

England Англія

England has always been along the lines of America-- more a nation of admiration for what he's accomplished than a possible friend. However, that doesn't change her attempts to impress him with what she has to offer. Although she gets the feeling he's not quite focused on her intellect and culture.

[personal profile] greece 

Greece Греція

Their relationship on the world stage is rather dry, but she looks up to Greece as a nation in a similar situation. While his humor and sex drive may confuse her to no end, their love of peacefulness, cats, and frustrations with the EU bring them together. For all it's worth, she thinks of him as a potential friend. 

[personal profile] vetalia 

Italy Північній Італії

While she knows him mainly through his flirting, North Italy is a cute and endearing sweetheart and enjoys making him smile.

[personal profile] miss_neutrality 

Liechtenstein Ліхтенштейн

She's been familiar with Liechtenstein before, a few short conversations here and there, and getting the impression that she's an intelligent and sweet young woman. After an ill fated water gun fight, she's felt her relationship with Liechtenstein was strained, but things have been perfectly fine for now.

[personal profile] lietuvaaaah 


Out of all her neighbors, Lithuania's been the closest to an honorary brother as they get. While they've had their moments of bad blood, things are much better nowadays as he helps her out with her economy and foreign relations.

She does find his crush on her sister endearing and constantly tries to set them up.

[personal profile] molossiasmosia 

Molossia Молосія

By some strange act, she and him became friends. Mostly because she can see right through his ruse and finds his gardening skills to be envious. While she has no problem indulging his self conscious pressures to be the gruff "lone wolf" character, she tries rather hard to bring out his mellower side, but to no avail.

[personal profile] iceandheather 

Norway Норвегія

While Belarus and Norway became closer friends, she has decided to wiggle her way through, nosy as to what her baby sister has been up to. With her general suspicious behind, she's come to see Norway as almost a model older sibling and, behind his neutral expression, is a rather nice guy. She's trying hard to be nice and have him think of her as a friend.

[personal profile] marszmarsz 

Poland Польща

One of her best friends and possible relatives, Poland's been the one nation who's been by her side through the good and bad. Nowadays, it's all good.

Especially when flowers are involved.

[personal profile] dererste 

Prussia Пруссія

Despite their rough past, she sees Prussia as a fun, easygoing brotherly figure who can cheer her up no matter what. 
While she's well aware of his dislike of her brother and how he picks on her sister, she trusts him and has no problem treating him like part of her family.

[personal profile] crimson_trickster 

Romania Румунія

A smug asshole.

Alright, their relationship isn't that bad and there are moments they can be civil to one another, especially considering that they are in fact neighbors, but put them in a room together and they begin to grate on each other.

[personal profile] snow_n_sunflowers 

Russia Росія

That's all you need to know.

She loves, loathes, admires, and shuns him. She both longs to be with him and desires to want nothing to do with him. But he is her baby brother.      

Whatever that means.

[personal profile] fredlig 

Sweden Швеція

A former ally during The Great Northern War, she's all but stopped having any sort of relationship with Sweden. Their shared love of baking and handicrafts coupled with her love of chatting makes him an ideal friend and someone she really wants to take the time to get to know better.

On a modern level.

[personal profile] daheroyoudserve 

USA Америка

If there was a nation that she admired that wasn't her brother, it's America. Although her feelings for him slightly mirror that of Russia-- while she desperately wants to be his friend, she's not sure if she's able to trust him.

She is much more willing, though, to give him a chance and does try her best to learn all she can about American culture.


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